Opening times, Fees and Payments
Rhode Community Preschool
Rhode Preschool

The service is open 5 days weekly. Monday-Friday.

Opening times are as follows:

Morning       9am  - 12 noon


Rhode Community Pre School in line with its community ethos charges only €10.20  per session for a child to attend.

Rhode Community Pre School receives Subvention funding from the Dept of Children and Youth Affairs under the CCS scheme introduced  in September 2010. This scheme is  restricted to community/not-for-profit childcare services. The CCS Scheme continues to support disadvantaged parents and provides support for parents in low paid employment and training or education. The changes from the CCSS are as follows:
• Band A has been expanded to include parents on Family Income Support (FIS).
• Band A parents who are in receipt of Job Seekers Benefit/Assistance receive subvention for a maximum
• of five hours of childcare per day, or 2.5 days per week. (known as Band AJ)
• Band B includes low income working parents above the FIS threshold, for example parents holding medical or GP visit cards.
The CCS programme allows eligible parents to access reduced childcare costs at participating community childcare services.

For each family attending the service, one parent should complete the form supplied by your service, entering your PPS number, the name of the childcare service, and the name and date of birth of your child or children. You are then asked to return it to your childcare/preschool service. The information will be forwarded, in confidence, to the Office of the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs (OMCYA), which is part of the Department of Health & Children, to allow the appropriate grant aid and fee levels to be calculated.



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